Thin Places

Our new pastor at church gave one of his first sermons on Thin Places: “times when God’s inbreaking kingdom is being made visible in the here and now.”

In other words, places where the gap between heaven and earth is thin.

Ever since then, it’s become a meme at our church, to talk about the thin places we notice all around us.

A college student at our new worship service commenting that he’s glad he found it.

Someone noting the hard work that went into designing the new website because that’s how they found out about a new church event.

Or Amazon sending your three times the amount of canned air than your ordered.

Okay, maybe that one is just luck. But regardless, we’re all noticing and sharing our thin place moments each week; this simple act of sharing gets others thinking about and looking for their own thin places, and that progressively grows the “strength” of the meme.

"Thin Places" have become a meme at our church.

At least, that’s my hope… and why I’m constantly sharing the tin place moments that I myself notice. And boy, I’ve noticed some thin ones…

Like finishing a book the day before it’s mentioned in the week’s sermon.

Like finding out that my SEO strategy is working marvelously for the church website.

Like receiving incredibly generous help from a friend when you need it… which happened just last week.

Or, like today… on this Sunday that we celebrate All Saints’ Day, just noticing something. The hymn book at my seat in the pew I was sitting in looking… newer than all the others. The red around the book wasn’t so faded.

(In our Sanctuary that in and of itself was a “thin place.”)

But, when I opened it, I found that it was the copy of the hymnal that had been donated by Holly’s parents in honor of Holly’s Grandfather.

On this, a day of remembrance of those Saints that have joined our Lord above in Heaven.

(In the United Methodist Church, and more generally in most protestant denominations, we consider all Christians – past, present, and future – as saints we use it to remember all of Christendom.)

What a thin place!