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Dealing with Distractions

I’ve been really busy lately. I’ve probably been busier in the last few weeks than ever before. I’m balancing:

  • running my own business,
  • working at my church in a new role (Media Director),
  • volunteering at my church in all my normal ways,
  • taking care of the girls extra so that Holly can work more,
  • serving the Food Pantry,
  • and all the normal, everyday life things that everyone does.

It’s a little crazy, to be honest, how much work is going on in my life. It’s also distracting.


For instance, I’ve not been able to focus on losing weight like I’d like to because I feel like I’m so busy that planning “healthy” meals and controlling my food addiction well just get lost in the midst of all of the chaos.

And, if you notice this blog, I’ve not written here in three weeks. “Oh, blog post… that can wait a day.” The problem is when one day becomes 15 days in a row.

And it’s really funny, in a funny-not-funny kind of way, that Holly getting distracted frustrates me… like, seriously guy, you’re way more distracted than she is… and she’s as busy as you are.

So I’m making an effort to be less distracted.

(Ironically, I just got distracted from writing this blog post for a few minutes by someone calling my business line… from the yellow pages… “Are you interested in more business?” “Yes, but you can’t deliver that.”)

As I said, I’m making an effort to avoid distraction. But not of anything so unimportant as this or that task. When push comes to shove, most tasks aren’t all that important, especially the ones that you can be distracted from.

I’m trying to make an effort to avoid distraction away from the things that really matter in life, like taking care of myself and my family, being a good husband, and connecting with God.

Because honestly, I think one of the key things to being productive is having that sense of groundedness, and being able to tell what’s really important at the end of the day.