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Kellen Murphy is the founder of Cardinal Computing Consultants and serves as their senior technical consultant. This is his personal blog.

Starting Fresh

I have decided that it is time for me to start fresh with my personal site. For the last several months I’ve really let things slip, as I’ve directed my efforts toward growing my business, Cardinal Computing Consultants, teaching physics at Marietta College, and raising my two little daughters.

Truth be told, I wasn’t quite certain what I wanted to do with anymore, and I really didn’t have an idea of what starting fresh would look like.

For a while I used this site for blogging about productivity; went through the whole rigmarole of search engine optimization and promotion of my content. Frankly I enjoy the concept of productivity, and blogging about it was enjoyable, but you can only grant others so much advise when

  • you’re unemployed,
  • you’re frustrated with a never-ending job search,
  • and you’re battling crippling depression.

That was me. It felt just a tad unauthentic to write about how to be productive at work when my work was looking for work.

Then I got to the point where I was so fed up with trying to find a boss to put me to work, that I threw myself in to turning myself into my own boss, and I started up Cardinal. This really helped me to “get myself together” in a lot of ways; I started working on “me” more, going to counseling, and discovered God.

Now I find myself in a truly good place. I’m teaching again, which was really the one thing about academia that I did enjoy (though I now remember how much I dislike grading), and both my professional, personal, and spiritual have a new direction and new-found momentum.

With that, I’ve decided to pull the trigger and actually do something with this website. I plan to blog on an approximately weekly basis on topics including productivity, running a business, parenting, and maybe even religion now and then. I’m considering this a sounding board that I think I can use to help me organize some of the random, disconnected thoughts and opinions that I have.

And, if someone out there finds a bit of enjoyment from it, so be it.