A Simple Prayer

Father, I know that I need to talk to You more. I know that we all need to talk to You more.

Father, society has tried to teach me that I need to use complex words of praise when speaking to You. I don’t understand that.

I don’t understand a lot of things.

You are an “infinitely great and all-perfect being, the Creator and Renewer of men, Sovereign Master over men, angels, demons and all created things, both visible and invisible.”

(You totally know where I copied that from. If You consider quotes stealing, I’m very sorry.)

Why would using that kind of language please You? Does it please You?

Why do others seek to increase the distance between You and I by making me self-conscious about how I talk to You.

And, if other people understand Your Power the way I do, why would they think that their words would impress the Almighty?

I promise to humble myself before you, Father, by not trying to sound “religiousy” in my prayers.

I want only to serve You. I want only that Your will is always first in my mind. And, I want only that I may set aside my wants… always.

I am dust; but for You

I am saved only because Your Son died for me.

I am guided by Your Word.

Please, hear this, my simple prayer; in Jesus’ name.