Love Thy Neighbor

My wife is my new role model.

She demonstrated the kind of remarkable loving-kindness that we as Christians are supposed to exhibit and her actions really gave me a new appreciation of “love thy neighbor”; that pseudotrope that Christians always go on and on and on about.

I gotta go on about this.

My wife made a post to a Facebook “Mommy” group about her anxieties over Hope and Lily’s development. They are advanced for their age, but she still worries about things like that, primarily because the number one thing parents do for their kids is worry about them.

She asked for help, and someone who she is friends with took offense to it, going so far as to tell her “f#&% you” on her public blog. This person has a child who needs a service animal and she uses that public blog to help raise money for that.

Holly, despite being hurt by her “friend”, did exactly what Jesus wants us to do that situation: she said a prayer.

And then she shared a prayer request with our church.

And her next step is to ask our church brothers and sisters to donate to help this woman and her child.

Holly cares more about loving them the way Christ loves us all than she does about her own feelings. She cares more about helping a little kid in need than her own agenda. She is putting someone who is basically a total stranger first here…

She is loving her neighbor.

Because when push comes to shove what does it mean?

“Pfft… yep… you’re upset. I forgive you for saying that. Now how can I help out.”

A few weeks ago our Pastor shared a sermon about “thin places.” Those places where the separation between Earth and Heaven is thinnest. Those moments when you can feel the presence of the Lord.

For me, one of those was tonight: Holly – quiet, unassuming Holly – took one on the chin, brushed it off, and gave her enemy a hug.

That’s how Christ wants us all to be.

[For the record, I went through about six different iterations on upset emails, blog posts, comments on the offending blog, and angry tweets before I realized what was happening. So another lesson I’m taking away from this is that maybe the right thing to do is to think before you write. Hmm… that does sound familiar, doesn’t it?]