Stay Positive

I’ve been making an effort to stay positive over the last few weeks, and I really feel like that’s paying off for me, because I’ve noticed that my mood is generally lighter and my spirits higher. I don’t think it’s artificial, because like everyone I get down sometimes, all that I’m doing is making a concerted effort that when that happens I try to think of something good.

For example: did the cashier make you angry? Remember that they are a person too, going through struggles that may or may not be greater than your own, and that their frustration at having a bad day was probably being directed toward you.

It’s really a simple thing, but you’d be surprised how much it’s helped me to feel better about myself. Yeah, maybe I’m busy, but look at how cool my kids’ imaginations are… they’re like that at least partially because of me. Yeah, that client computer is taking forever to re-install Windows on, but that’s great actually because it gives me time to do this, this, and that other thing while I’m waiting.

It’s hot out… well, at least it’s not cold.

It’s raining… but you don’t need to do anything outside right now.

Ridge is barking… but he’s a good dog who is only protecting your family.

In practically every, daily negative occurrence there is some good that can be seen. And, if you choose to focus on that good, you’ll not so feel bad about the bad.

My family and I have been having financial troubles for some time now. An extended period of looking for employment, followed by starting a business and trying to grow it, have left us as near to “financial ruin” as we’ve ever been. But just in the last week, Holly got a new job, I’ve had new directions open up for Cardinal, business has picked up a bit, and I’ve found an amazing job at Ohio University in IT for which I believe I’m well-qualified. Talk about things to be excited about! Yeah, the bills are due, and things are only going to get worse in the near-term, but I really think that in the long term it’s all going to be okay.

Holly brought up last night if she wonders if this isn’t all a part of God’s plan. I’m absolutely convinced that it is. I think God wanted us to go through this time, in order to find out some really harsh facts about the world, and to draw Holly and I closer together. And, also, to draw both of us closer to God.

And I know that it’s worked for me. I think over the last few years, my faith has grown strong, and I know that no matter what happens God shall provide.