Ear Infection and Perforated Eardrum

I've got a bad ear infection.I’ve got an ear infection.

Or, as a doctor would call an ear infection: “Acute Otitis Media with Perforation of the Tympanic Membrane”. That’s a mouthful! Yes, basically my sinus problems have once again led to an ear infection (my third in the past six months), however this time my ear infection generated sufficient volumes of gunk behind my ear drum that it spontaneously ruptured.

The really weird thing of it is that, like many with infection-induced perforated eardrums, the perforation actually relieved my pain for a while. Usually, you get an earache, you blow out your ear drum, and then it doesn’t hurt anymore. However, in my case, about 12 hours after I think I perforated the eardrum I was hit with a deluge of unholy excruciating pain in my ear. At it’s worst it was nearly as bad as when I broke my back a few years ago.

But now, I’ve got pain relievers and an excuse to lay in bed and relax, and frankly I’m feeling pretty good again.

Here’s to hoping my antibiotics clear this thing up before I run out of the good stuff!